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Meeting Rules

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How do you come to a meeting with God? Surely, there must be a protocol to follow, a ceremony, or something. You don’t just dash in and say, “Hi!” do you? Do you have to get there early to get a good seat with a notepad in hand and looking smart? First of all, you […]

Ignore the Crowd

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Our guest speaker this past Sunday made the point that we shouldn’t settle for the comfortable, smooth Christian life that won’t rock the boat. From the gospels, he reminded us of stories of faith in Jesus that placed people in incredibly awkward or unacceptable social situations just so they could be near him. My favorite […]

Missing the Whisper

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We’ve recently attended a few concerts at our church. I’m at the age where I still like the music, but I want to sit more than stand. Still, I’m always amazed at how my ears get used to the loud music and having to yell to talk to the person next to you. Afterwards, as […]

Business Opportunity

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Imagine that you have been given a great tract of land to manage to provide for your family. The biggest part of the management plan is that you make the day-to-day decisions about running operations, but you must stay in constant contact with the owner about what’s going on and you must ask him to […]

Building Materials

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It was hot today. It hit 100 degrees. It’s funny how people change when it gets that hot. In many cases, the need to have a certain look or style seems to fade. Gone are the stylish sweatshirts or skintight jeans and out come the shorts and tank tops with no regard to being hip. […]

Love 'em All

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There is a deep joy in seeing your child smile, laugh, and have fun. I feel so little about me at that moment. The joy comes from seeing that someone you love so deeply is safe and happy. It’s at those moments that I realize with crystal clarity that I would gladly give my life […]

Do It Now

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Any man who has had a long-term relationship with a woman will understand that timing is critical. For example, there’s a difference between buying your girl flowers and buying her flowers one day after she’s complained, “You never buy me flowers.” There’s a difference between offering to take her out for dessert and offering to […]


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God is counterintuitive. Human logic does not seem to direct His actions and decisions. The obvious choice apparently isn’t. “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” Matthew 16:25 Like turning into the skid or playing dead with a bear, it doesn’t make […]

A Walk in the Garden

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First images are long-lasting and, sometimes, hard to revise. In my case, the first image of prayer was of someone kneeling with head bowed and hands folded. When I went to church, we knelt on fold-down padded knee supports in front of our seats. To do this for extended periods of time was a painful […]

It's My Responsibility

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During the course of normal conversation today, I heard two stories that caused me to shake my head. One was about the seeming joy felt by a man when he told his wife, after 17 years of marriage, that he was gay. They soon divorced. The person telling me this story was emphasizing how it […]

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