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It’s an exasperating kind of question, but it’s not the questioner’s fault. I get annoyed when someone asks what I’m doing or what I’m working on when I know the answer will be long and complex and won’t be interesting to the questioner anyway. I feel like I have to put in the effort to […]

Once in a while, I see a clear picture of human nature that is so everyday in nature that it makes me smile. Look at these two verses: “May the arrogant be put to shame for wronging me without cause; but I will meditate on your precepts.” Psalm 119:78 Here is a guy that really […]

I have been on a bit of a stretch about the question of why science has such an aversion to the Bible. To that end, I did find a website that had a thought or two on the subject (christiananswers.net). I liked the part about how the Bible stated truth before man ever knew it: […]

I had the day off yesterday. I had great plans to get some work done on some personal software projects I have. I even considered getting up a little earlier than I normally do on a day off to get a head start. I was all revved up to make some significant progress. I woke […]

I had great plans for my life and Jesus ruined them. Really. I had a vision that was full of beautiful, creative things and people. The plan was all-inclusive and not judgmental of anyone or anything. Once I let Him into my life, though, He started messing with everything! Carefree took on a whole new […]

It is much easier to poke holes than it is to defend. This is part of what makes apologetics a difficult discipline. The skeptic can present fifty legitimate questions in about ten minutes, but it can take years of study to deeply understand and explain how to answer those questions. This is why I love […]

When discussing physical phenomenon, it is often important to keep the frame of reference in mind. The classic case is that two people sitting on a train appear to be at rest when compared to each other, but they are both moving quite fast when compared to the telephone poles outside. Einstein even figured out […]

The further down the road I go with Jesus, the more amazing it seems to me that some folks don’t want to get closer to Him. I used to be there. I was at that point where I thought I knew enough and believed enough that I was good where I was. Sure, Jesus was […]

During my younger years, I spent many summers riding my bike through the neighborhood, through the nearby orchards, and down to the convenience store to buy nickel candy. There was the enticement of (minor) danger and adventure by riding over a mile away from my home. Still, there was always a sense of relief when […]

Here is a show-stopper kind of statement: “It has been scientifically proven…” followed by anything. The whole idea that scientists are a clan of those with the purest intent with internal checks and balances searching for the truth is a huge scam. Christians are often accused of being close-minded, but I will say that it […]

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