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I used to know myself very well before I was saved. My life was all about survival and doing pretty much whatever it took to get along. When you spend as many years as I did developing the survival skills of the unsaved, it becomes part of your nature. Then that one bright, shining moment […]

I apologize in advance for the highly technical metaphor I’m about to employ, but I’ve been through some technical process training this week. One of the concepts we’ve talked about quite a bit is the idea of catching bugs in the code we write as soon as possible. Instead of not hearing about it until […]

I’ve been reminded again this week how much I depend on good habits to keep me on my walk with Christ. I’d like to think it’s my impressive willpower and burning desire that fights off the distractions, but it’s a little more boring and a little longer commitment than that. It’s a matter of creating […]

I was helping my son work through a Physics assignment last night and I could tell he was getting discouraged. He felt like no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get it to click in his head. He started to wonder if he’d even pass the class. I recognized the first steps on […]

I’ve always loved the depth of meaning in a simple statement from the Narnia books: “Aslan is not a tame lion.” It gets at the fact that however much He cares about you and loves you, He is very powerful and you cannot predict His every action. He is greater than you are. I get […]

It’s curious to me how most people will project their idea of fairness or justice into different situations. Think about your average wildlife documentary show. The narrator is describing the lifestyle of some particular critter. He talks about how it finds food, how it reproduces, and where it lives. Invariably, the story turns to how […]

I often feel frustration when non-believers refuse to apply the same standards of proof to a non-Biblical point of view as they will to a Biblical one. I surmise it is because we claim, and rightfully so, that our view is perfect truth. The Godhead is a good example of one of these speed bumps. […]

Some people will never get it! Some people insist upon self-destruction. Some people seem to be, and may be, unreachable. These people are made in the image of God and have the opportunity to recognize who they are and who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for them. The reality is that some […]

I heard a fascinating hypothetical asked of a Christian apologist. It had to do with the deep question of freewill versus election. Here’s the situation: Two men are identical in every way. They have made the same choices. They have the same desires of the heart. They have done everything exactly the same. The question […]

It’s fun watching a transformation. Americans get a kick out of seeing the underdog transformed into a champion. People watch TV shows based on transforming old, out-of-style homes into something amazing or transforming people with poor clothing skills into fashionistas. We cheer stories about the addict or alcoholic transforming his life into something productive. We […]

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