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Every year about this time I begin to see the classic lists of New Year’s resolutions. You’ll get the list of the most popular resolutions, the list of resolutions your favorite sports team should make, the list of resolutions the politicians should make, and, of course, the list of how few people keep to those […]

I just spent the last couple of hours doing IT work at my church. It was nothing glamorous. I set up a new printer (this one prints double-sided!) and replaced a keyboard on a laptop (damaged after a spill). Now, I’ve never done a keyboard replacement before and it was quite intricate with many steps, […]

It’s an old joke that still gets play around my house. Whenever our son makes a bad decision, then he’s referred to as “your son”. When he scores some points, he’s “my son”. It’s a lighthearted ribbing that comes from our core desire to take credit for the victories and point fingers over the defeats. […]

Vulnerability is at the core of growth with God. I don’t believe a man grows closer to God when he shows up to the meeting with rolls of blueprints, files full of contracts, and dressed in a power suit. On the other hand, I don’t believe we grow closer by groveling either. We are, after […]

I recently upgraded a piece of our entertainment system. While looking for info about this item, I noticed that it had a free movie rebate. Basically, after purchasing this item I could send in the UPC code and receipt to get two free movies. So, last night, I get out my X-Acto knife and proceed […]

We’ve had more snow and ice this week than this city is used to. We’re prepared for a day or two, but some places have been snowed in for over a week. The fact that this stretched over Christmas really threw some holiday plans up in the air. What fascinated me was how people reacted […]

He Is

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The majority of the country loves to sing carols that say things like, “Joy to the world. The Lord is come,” or, “Hark the herald angels sing ‘Glory to the newborn King!’” The carols are sung as if everyone singing them really understands who Jesus is and what He did for us. Many of them […]

I had a minor missed opportunity tonight. Actually, it was more of a delayed opportunity. It was a situation where I could get a head start on something today or I’d have wait almost a week to try again. I missed it due to some external dependencies being a little slow. I was really annoyed, […]

I believe I am witnessing the age of entitlements come home to roost. Government is famous for promising something now for a vague cost later. Since the cost is always underestimated and distant, it’s an easy sell for those who are about to receive the handout. Then, when political parties figured out that setting up […]

Our church has a tradition of holding a New Year’s Eve service. It’s something of a big party, really. We worship, listen to a short message, and then break up to eat, fellowship, and baptize. The baptisms go on while the rest of us eat and mingle. It’s fun to watch and cheer when each […]

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