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It’s so easy to imagine that those in authority are cold and uncaring. Of course, that very attitude is selfish because it usually doesn’t take into account any other point of view. You can’t always get angry at the store clerk who refuses to give you a cash refund. For every legitimate complaint, they probably […]

There are moments when I read the news and watch our politicians at work when I ask, “Are they all insane?” It’s like reading a science-fiction story with some preposterous setup to a major event. It couldn’t possibly happen that way, except for the fact that I’m watching it unfold in front of me. I […]

I have fond memories of watching old westerns with my dad. We’d watch the TV westerns when we could, too. That’s how I learned about Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Rawhide, and more. Even as a kid, I recognized how the stories had been arranged to make it easy to pick out the good guys and […]

When learning to write fiction, I was taught to use lots of descriptive words. I was supposed to use nouns with precise meaning and verbs that gave the sense of action, emotion, and conflict. Words are amazing things. As you use more, you help hone in on the idea or picture you are trying to […]

Because I am not a language or grammar standout, words are not as structured for me as they are for people that are very technically word-oriented. I see words like a Picasso, not like a blueprint. Words have colors and flavors to me. The sound of a word is as important to me as its […]

I often daydream about my wife and me, snug and warm in our little cabin. I’m in a plaid, wool shirt and she’s in a clean, crisp gingham. I chop wood, hunt, and fish. She cooks and sews. We have time for one another, walking in the woods, praising God, and the world is somewhere […]

So much of what I do every day in software development is either driven by decision-makers over me or by the rules and guidelines of best practices. When it comes time to build a user interface for printing, there are some clear examples to follow and years of history about what has and has not […]

While I was still a young driver, my father did his best to teach me to overcome my teen tendencies to feel invincible and treat driving to my friend’s house like a video game. My logic told me that the police couldn’t be everywhere and couldn’t stop everyone, so I figured I’d just play the […]

I have stated before that it is easy to ask a hard question, but not so easy to answer one. We face this issue many times because we subscribe to the Bible. But, I now have one for the people who usually ask the hard questions of the Christian. Jesus Christ stated His foreknowledge of […]

Other than the well-known mistakes made by the patriarchs of the Bible, we imagine them as calm, well-mannered, deep thinkers who never make a mistake and always have the right answer. We’ve been left with the image that they only had righteous anger and never spoke out of turn. David was a songwriter and, like […]

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