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When larger things in the world are going according to what I think is a good plan, I’m addicted to reading about it and cheering it on. When my team is playing well, I can’t get enough of the game summaries and opinion pieces. I want to know more detail and follow every twist and […]

“Actions speak louder than words.” I think about this simple proverb quite a bit these days. The number of public people telling me one thing and doing another seems to be increasing. Rapidly. It makes me cynical and distrustful of many of the faces I see on TV or in the newspaper. While this doesn’t […]

I suppose you could have a philosophical argument about the purpose of a justice system. Is the general idea to punish criminals for the crimes they commit purely out of a sense of justice? Or is it to rehabilitate criminals so they won’t commit further crimes? I think we can easily claim that both rules […]

There’s a parenting trick we used quite a bit when our son was young. We realized how much easier it was to get him to do the right thing when he had decided to do it. It’s much harder to force him against his will. So, the idea was to present him with a choice […]

My mind was in several places the other night. As I wandered around from task to task, I stopped now and again to watch the Academy Awards ceremony. I confess that I like movies. I like good movies, although my tastes are not easily put into a box. The predictable characters showed up last night. […]

I was doing my daily Bible reading the other day and had to actually stop and chuckle because I was shocked at how familiar the story sounded. See if you recognize any patterns in this story about a new king taking over in Judah: “Joash said to the priests, ‘Collect all the money that is […]

Love is enough. Love conquers all. All you need is love. These can be read as profound, meaningful statements. Or, they can be read as shallow, thoughtless statements. I fear that some people give the respect of the first kind when most of those speaking them really say them as the second kind. If this […]

What does a square circle look like? Have you ever seen a three-wheeled unicycle? Can you imagine bright, shining dark? If I’ve twisted your mind a bit, that was intentional. What makes these questions painful to consider is that they are logical impossibilities. It’s not just that they are unlikely or strange. They describe states […]

Biblically speaking, the sheep is used more often than sports analogies are today. They were signs of wealth, elements of sacrifice, and metaphors for us. Now, at first, I imagined being a white, fluffy, cute, and lovable creature that Jesus loves and watches over because: “So we Your people and the sheep of Your pasture […]

My boss is a sports fan and he loves to use sports analogies when discussing business decisions, management problems, and various other things that come up. He knows I’m a sports fan, too, so he knows that this communication mechanism will work with me. Yesterday, though, I read a sports story that seemed to be […]

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