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I will admit to getting easily caught up in playoff fever when my team is in the mix. I find myself reading every snippet, watching every highlight reel, and listening to every interview. The Internet only feeds my addiction. I haven’t ever been to a playoff game, but I can easily imagine getting swept up […]

Joe Namath was famous for guaranteeing a Super Bowl win as the underdog… and then doing it. That was a mixture of hubris and confidence. No matter how sure he was of himself and his team, he couldn’t actually guarantee the win. He didn’t control the weather, injuries, bad officiating, or a million other random […]

I learned a long time ago how valuable it is to lead by example. I’ve also learned that the example can be contemporary or historical. There’s the obvious case of being willing to do what you are asking those following your lead to do. When I was a technical lead, I was assigning tasks to […]

We had a few dogs when I was growing up, but we never bothered to train them much. They knew their names and knew when it was time to eat or go for a walk, but that was about it. So, I’m always impressed with highly trained dogs. The thing I notice about the well-trained […]

I was told about a conversation between a believer and non-believer regarding the nature of God. At one point, the non-believer said, “I just can’t understand a God that would be so vindictive as to send people to Hell.” I think this underlines a fundamental flaw in how the world sees God and Jesus specifically. […]

“The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him.” Proverbs 23:24 For most of my adult life I’ve been trying to live up to the “son” in this proverb and others like it. I’ve been learning what it means to be righteous and to be wise. […]

There are certainly figures in history that led their nations or groups such that the citizens were saying good riddance rather than good bye when they left or died. These are people we remember as being either evil or incompetent (or, sometimes, both). There are few who were held in such contempt by his citizens […]

Watching corn grow or paint dry is not an exciting pastime. People enjoy the results of these things, but the process itself is pretty bland. The same goes for people. Watching people mature is not a spectator sport. But, the results can be dramatic. Moses was forty years old when he had to leave Egypt […]

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I was made to understand this point well as I was learning to drive. There are no mulligans when it comes to the law. If you didn’t know it was illegal, it doesn’t matter. You’ve still broken the law. The same goes for God’s Law. If you sin, […]

During a summer basketball camp, the coaches divided us kids up into three groups based on ability. They then broke each of those groups up into teams. So, each group was like a mini-league. They named them the NIT, NCAA, and NBA. If you felt you were good enough to move up to the next […]

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