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I am online for a variety of reasons most of the day. I’m either answering email, looking for answers in a support forum, reading news about the world or my industry, or just catching up with friends. I will admit that conversing online has one major drawback: it encourages incivility. It’s not like I’m snapping […]

Schadenfreude is the German word for deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. It’s a selfish feeling and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that human beings are not only capable of it, but experience it regularly. This happens when we see the unlikable co-worker get demoted or fired. This happens when we see the […]

I was listening to a very good debate between two very civil people on the topic of Intelligent Design versus Darwinism. The debate was lively and insightful until the proponent of Darwinism caused me to react like the AFLAC duck with his now famous exasperated head shake. He statement was, and I am paraphrasing, that […]

When my son was young, he would get himself into trouble from time to time. It was no more than the average child, but it did happen. Of course, most of those episodes were repeat offenses for things he had been clearly warned to avoid. After a few times being punished for the same crime, […]

I am of the opinion that, as society turns more progressive, the population, by nature, turns more inward. That is to say, the individual comes to rely more on self for spiritual matters and not on any outside source. This trend is easy to spot in the secular world as one only needs to do […]

We met with our house church earlier this week and there was a moment when all three of us were fighting the urge to laugh. You see, we were sitting in the back row and while one of the other folks there was describing his prayer request, he began to ramble. Sitting near us was […]

Confession time: I had a pretty serious bout of jealousy yesterday. One of the software developers I manage came to me and gave his two-week notice. He had been offered a job for a little more money with a company that is effectively virtual. He would get to set his own hours and do the […]

I am amazed at how we have turned our lives over to technology. Under the guise of science or pseudo-logic, we have, in many cases, given up our decision-making process to pure data. This approach is fine as far as it goes, but it will fall short on the issues where there is no computable […]

I’m a fan of many sports, but the mathematician in me can really get into baseball. There are so many ways to crunch numbers, compare statistics, and overanalyze the game. I also like the tradition and legend that goes with a game that’s been played professionally for over a hundred years. I can appreciate the […]

What order are the people on your list? I’m speaking of that list we all keep in our head of who we serve and, more importantly, who trumps whom. It wasn’t until I’d been married a few years that I got my list in the proper order. I still have trouble now and then remembering […]

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