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People have a problem with inspiration as it applies to a Scripture. They just seem to not be able to believe that the men that penned the Word were directly influenced by God. Many other people said that what they wrote was inspired by God and those writings conflicted with the sixty-six books of the […]

It’s been downright hot around my house lately. We’re going to break a record for consecutive days over 100 degrees. It’s as hot as I’ve ever experienced in this part of the country. Of course, during this time, the news is constantly running stories about how to stay cool, stay safe, and stay healthy. The […]

As a kid, security ropes, safety fences, and guard rails all seemed like overbearing forces disrupting my ability to have fun. What if I want to climb that cliff? What if I want to see huge grinder up close? What if I want to see how the car drives in the gravel on the shoulder? […]

I spent part of my career in the foundry industry and I was always fascinated by the properties of metals. Alloying (mixing metals to produce a product with specific properties) is a real art and, sometimes, illogical. For example, you mix copper, a soft metal, with aluminum, another soft metal, to produce an alloy that […]

I was watching a show tonight that involved a fictional leader of a fictional country. It was about his leadership of that country and how it progresses through various crises. He follows God’s direction for most of his life, but then doesn’t like where God is leading anymore and rebels. He declares that he is […]

Imagine a huge, game show-style wall with dozens of cranks, levers, buttons, switches, gears, and whatnot. At the top of the wall is a meter measuring the joy of the contestant. The goal is to figure out how to manipulate the cranks, levers, buttons, switches, gears, and whatnot to maximize your joy. Imagine that, before […]

About a year out of college, I was working in the high tech field back in the same general area that I grew up. I remember clearly the day I went to get fast food and recognized the cashier at the drive through. It was a guy I had graduated high school with. He and […]

Boy, if we ever needed a bold, new approach in this country, now is the time. We are caught up in such a whirling cesspool of politics, I frankly don’t see how we right the ship. We are so far away from God, by our own choosing, He will have to find us because we […]

High Tech can be a funny business in some ways. One of the hardest things to get used to is how fast the market moves. We can plan to write software that will only run on the latest versions of the target systems. But, by the time we ship, that’s already out of date. There’s […]

I have mentioned before that I can get pretty wound up about political issues. Of all the commentators and politicians out there, there are some I like and trust, some that have a good idea now and then, and some that I have learned to look at skeptically all the time. I love having my […]

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