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My son and I have been working through a Critical Thinking course as part of his schooling this year. It’s already been effective in sharpening his mind to be aware of how logical arguments work and how often people communicate in faulty ways. Even understanding the logic that informs you the implication of “A implies […]

As a teenager, I loved nighttime. That’s when my friends and I would decide to go hang out at weird places or do odd things just because we could. We were old enough to have a driver’s license and be out late. We were also old enough to know better, but young enough to do […]

Oftentimes, it is the dramatic difference that causes us to change our thinking. A shift that rocks the being and really gains our attention would be like blindfolding a person, walking them to the edge of the Grand Canyon, and then removing the blindfold. The internal jolt that comes from the experience is life-changing and […]

For some reason, the idea of lost creativity, lost knowledge, or wasted effort is very sad to me. When I see movies about some fantastic creator of art or science working in isolation only to have his work lost to history, I get a chill. Even watching scenes where characters are recording their actions even […]

Every day I’ve known Jesus Christ, I’ve realized how little the things and the hurts of this life are worth worrying about. The things won’t come with me and the hurts make me who I am and will be soothed by my Lord. And, with each step, I find it more and more frustrating to […]

I am in the process of helping a friend bring an old laptop back to life. He wasn’t even sure if still worked when he dug it out of the closet and gave it to me. I was able to get it to start up. I could tell that with a fresh install of the […]

Yesterday, I wrote about having confidence in God. I pointed out how we want to depend on ourselves, but God is even more dependable that anything we can touch or control. But, what happens when you place your confidence in Him and you don’t see Him coming through? What happens when you bet the farm […]

Like most men, my human nature pushes me to place my confidence in those things that I can do myself. I feel confident doing the things I’ve trained to do. I feel confident making an argument for those things I’ve made a point of researching. I feel confident in what I’ve verified for myself. This […]

I make it a practice to try to convey the importance of prayer when asked about my faith. I feel it is such a waste to believe in God and not believe you can communicate with Him. It is difficult, however, to separate the Christian-speak from the message. David was straightforward: “I call on you, […]

Digital signals are signals made up of ones and zeroes. For each bit of information, the item is either on or off. Combine several bits and you can describe a range of numbers, colors, volumes, etc. Digital signals produce better audio and video because the receiving device knows that the sender was sending only ones […]

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