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Man always has the capacity to disappoint. It’s his very nature. Folks, we are flawed and no amount of legislation will perfect the bent we have to desire more power and money. The big flap currently in the news about the reported lies that have been told about the climate is just one more example […]

It is a frequent refrain by non-believers that our God is angry or vindictive. They hear about the wrath of God or the Day of the Lord and consider it evidence for a short-tempered, ruthless deity Who is out to punish and destroy the non-conformist. Wow, talk about misinterpreting motive! I just read two verses […]

“Go ahead and believe whatever you want, just don’t push it on me.” “There should be separation of church and state. Religion and public policy shouldn’t mix.” “Your religion is a private matter. That’s between you and your god.” With this kind of attitude as part of a constant pressure on Christians to shut up, […]

The secular scientist uses the argument against miracles first suggested by David Hume. Hume’s “proof” goes something like this: 1) There is immutable regularity in the time-space universe, which can be called natural law. 2) The historian must use historical evidence to judge the probability or possibility of an event including a purported miracle. 3) […]

Leave it to humanity to figure out a way to make a two-person transaction a one-person transaction. Leave it to us to figure out a way to make an act of humility turn into an act of pride. Even the most atheistic American will be smiling happily and talking about what he is thankful for […]

I get a kick of seeing the difference between the way God speaks rules and laws for us and the way mankind creates laws. God’s laws seem elegant and simple. They are designed to be self-defining in the sense that the very rule makes it clear where the limits are. Man’s law tends to drown […]

How do you view the world? Do you see a society that doesn’t know God, but is otherwise innocuous? Do you see a society that is actively trying to drag people away from God? Or, do you see people and institutions that desperately need God? I believe that as a Christian matures, he sees the […]

The rule about actions and reactions is a solid axiom in science and human behavior. Wow, how we try to teach our children to be good losers! I remember our son and daughter-in-law pressing home the point to our grandson. He understood the concept, but it came out a little skewed one day after a […]

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an argument when you suddenly realize that you’re wrong and the other person is right? Have you then decided that you have invested too much pride and conviction into the argument such that you actually continue to argue the point? If the whole point of the […]

From the outside, it can appear contradictory for me to argue for two ideas that I consider to be important. First, I would argue that man needs to submit himself to serving Jesus to find true joy and fulfillment. Furthermore, without submitting himself, man condemns himself to Hell. Secondly, I would also argue that human […]

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