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My son has sucked us all in to an addicting trivia video game that we have played most nights for a couple of weeks now. It struck me how our enjoyment of this game has changed, though. When we first started, we liked the silly parts and the goofy humor. The more we played, the […]

There’s nothing more defeating that thinking you are toiling in obscurity. I’m saddened when I think about great projects I’ve worked on that only a couple of dozen people will ever know about. It would be even worse if I had toiled for years alone only to have it all go up in smoke. What, […]

Do you ever feel like you got a raw deal just because the person making the decision didn’t have all of the information? Do you ever feel that you didn’t get a fair trial? You aren’t the only one. Remember Joseph and Potiphar’s wife? She tried to seduce him, but when he refused, she turned […]

During the climactic ending of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy has to follow cryptic steps through a series of traps and puzzles. The last one has to do with having faith to cross a chasm that seems impossible. He does the completely illogical and steps out into open space. He’s shocked to find […]

During college, I worked at the computer help desk between classes. It was a great job with a fun group of people. It forced me to gain a broader knowledge of the computers on campus and with software I rarely used. Even more importantly, it taught me customer service skills. One of the things I […]

I took a class many years ago to learn a new computer language I had not used before (for those who care, it was C++). That language was an extension of a long-standing language that many of us in the class had used, some for years. I was the young buck just out of college […]

Men have limits. We are limited by how much pain we can take, how much responsibility we can carry, and how much blessing we can endure. What I’m learning, though, is that there are two marks describing those limits. There’s the mark I make where I think my own limits are. Then there’s the mark […]

When you get right down to it, atheism is self-centered and self-serving. If you believe there is no God, then you have come to the conclusion that humans are as good as it gets (when you consider how thoroughly we’ve screwed up over the generations, that’s scary all by itself). If you believe there is […]

I was watching an interesting documentary the other night about the changing sea war in the Atlantic during World War II. The German U-Boats devastated shipping and the Allies tried several ways to fight back. They soon discovered that dedicated anti-submarine aircraft were effective at attacking subs on the surface which meant they had to […]

I have often railed against the selfishness and myopia that we so easily succumb to while being consumers of life. There’s nothing wrong with being consumers, only in being nothing but consumers. Our pastor made a great point this past Sunday about being consumers of God’s blessing. If we are simply accepting and enjoying His […]

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