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There is a dynamic tension between my understanding of Jesus as God and Jesus as man. I think it’s healthy, because my human mind cannot quite comprehend the uniqueness of His situation. I find myself identifying with His emotions, temptations, and (in a small way) His persecutions. At the same time, I find myself in […]

There’s a street through a nearby neighborhood that we use frequently to avoid traffic on the larger road that runs parallel to it. Rather than be stuck on a road with a high speed limit and lots of traffic, we opt for the road with the lower speed limit and hardly any traffic. It may […]

I wrote yesterday of a bumpy path I was on. I wrote about how a refreshing Scripture helped me clear my head, gave me encouragement, and sent me on my way. It wasn’t until today that I realized that my moment of refreshment was not just a blast out of the blue from God. It […]

God has perfect timing. I apologize for stating the obvious, but He’s proved it again for me. As I sat down to write this, I was feeling wiped out. My week has been piling up on me and my head has started to swim when considering all of the tasks I need to accomplish. In […]

Considering the many conversations I have had about my faith, I have concluded that many can be categorized as someone asking, “What about…?” and me retorting, “You must deal with….!” It soon becomes apparent that the what-abouts seem to think that, if I am a Christian, I must be able to answer any and all […]

I am repeatedly reminded of the close correlation between parenthood and our relationship to Christ. I know that there is a certain obvious paradigm to the Biblical model as we call God our Heavenly Father, that we are His children, and that He disciplines us and provides for us. I am talking about something else, […]

I may date myself a bit here, but I remember an episode of “The Brady Bunch” where Greg tries to get out of trouble by claiming that he followed the letter of the rule even though he may have broken the spirit. Of course, over the next twenty minutes, we witness him being burned by […]

We had the joy of attending a wedding last night. It was joyful because the groom was the son of good friends and we have known him since he was in elementary school. It was doubly joyful because the pastor knew the bride and groom well from his time as the college pastor at their […]

How much of everyday life is a popularity contest? High school is the obvious candidate, but we see it elsewhere, too. I’ve seen it at work. I’ve seen it in sports. That’s what box office numbers and bestseller lists are about. It’s being hired out of a pool of dozens of candidates. This is all […]

It’s been quite a while since I have been in a situation where I am crying out to God and unable to put the right words to my need. I got to revisit that feeling recently. To be honest, it’s a little scary to feel that desperate and that incapable of articulating what you need. […]

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