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There was a time in my life when my family enjoyed touring the Street of Dreams exhibitions every year. I saw more than my share of big houses with impressive amenities. After a few tours, I started to recognize the names of the various builders. I could connect who was building the big homes, who […]

What will you do with your second chance? How will you react? What will your state of mind be? A guest speaker made great use of these questions this weekend and I appreciated his clear approach to answering them. God is a god of second chances. He continues to give them every time we ask […]

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who can read binary and those who can’t. This old joke still elicits chuckles with computer geeks like myself. (For those still stumped, 10 is the binary representation for 2). There are others in my sphere of acquaintances who have the bad habit of dividing […]

It is heartbreaking to see close friends and family pursue lives of emptiness. It’s even worse when they broadcast it. In those cases when they are uninterested in hearing the Gospel message, your best witness is your own life. If you can’t speak out loud, live out loud. But, to be a witness, you have […]

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I remember these scene clearly, but I have watched “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” more than a few times. It’s just not a good movie, but for whatever reason I’ve seen it repeatedly. Anyway, there’s a scene when the crew takes the newly refurbished Enterprise out for a spin […]

It’s the slippery slope. It’s the drifting of an unanchored boat. It’s slouching toward hell. It’s that place where you’re so far off track that you can’t even remember what it means to be on track. There have been a few moments in my life when friendly debates will stop dead because my debate partner […]

If you surgically remove Scripture from its context, you can make it appear to support just about any idea. Like statistics, it’s all of the footnotes and details that tell you if the postulate is defensible. Consider this quote from Paul detailing some recent personal events to Timothy: “Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm. […]

Why do you go back to the same coffee shop time after time? Why do you find yourself ending up at the same two or three places for lunch during the week? Why do you prefer that one particular home improvement store or outdoor store? Usually, it’s about service. The staff is helpful and friendly […]

I’m disappointed and saddened. Earlier in my life, I would have been angry and felt that it was justified, but now, it just makes me sad to see so many people spiritually stunted. I had a realization this last Sunday that, as our church grows, the group of those who serve seems to be about […]

It happens time and again. I’m embarrassed with each occurrence, but I fall into the same trap repeatedly. I continually set low expectations for God. I imagine that my problems are too petty. I rationalize that, in the big scheme of things, my current issue doesn’t matter. Sometimes, I convince myself that my prayers are […]

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