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Have you ever had the shock of being completely unprepared for an event? One of those times when the possibility of the event never crossed your mind so it seemed out of the blue? A serious car crash? A sudden death? I’ve awakened on a morning to see a foot or more of snow on […]

Would you rather have a life filled with very high highs and very low lows or a life that stayed in the middle? Do you want hot and cold or tepid? Do you want to be champion and cellar-dweller? Or perpetually in the playoffs without getting to the big game? Paul describes how he approached […]


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There is a fine line between gifts and what can happen at Christmastime. A true gift is not to satisfy an appetite, but rather to speak to another person. Filling a desire is not the same as filling a need. I know it is difficult this time of year not to get up in all […]

Unfortunately, I had more than a few episodes in high school and college when I realized that I was missing my window of opportunity to complete an assignment. There were times I thought something was due in a week only to discover it was due tomorrow. And, there were times I thought something was due […]

We are entering that season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We see Him as a baby, as a young boy, and as a man. This fits our conventional view that birth is the beginning of life and death is the end. This view simply does not fit Jesus as He has always been. […]

I am amazed at how legally paranoid we’ve become. I frequently get emails from friends and acquaintances that have a block of legalese at the end telling me that this person is not authorized to speak for his company or make any legal commitments for them. As representatives of Jesus, though, we cannot step outside […]

Sometimes our lives are based on the ignorance that our needs are not known. We must stand up and shout about fairness, equality, justice, and our needs. The truth is that what we need is known and it is known to God. He is the only one that can truly do something about our needs. […]

I’ve never heard this expression before yesterday, but it conveys the idea I want to get across. “Don’t fall off the other side of the horse.” The talk radio host I was listening to was using this figure of speech to remind the listener not to overcompensate. If you find yourself leaning too far to […]

Lost is a state of mind in most cases. One can be lost in the wilderness or lost in a crowd or lost in our thoughts. Socially lost really means not recognized or insignificant. There are a lot of people in the world that feel that they are just one more carbon-based entity and, in […]

BASIC, LOGO, 6502 Assembler, Pascal, C, C++, CLU, LISP, Scheme, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and SQL. These are just some of the various computer languages I’ve learned and used over the years to write software. Some are out of date and not used much anymore. Some are still used widely. Some are new and […]

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