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My pastor admitted to being a guy that sometimes is waiting for the next train wreck to happen in his life. I can be that way, too. If things are going okay, my natural inclination is to think that life can only get worse, not better. Bad on us. We are children of the living […]


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The critical line in the movie “Highlander” is, “There can be only one.” In the movie, this refers to the fact that the immortals are driven to fight each other until only one remains to receive the prize. I’m going to repurpose this line for use in the modern world of relativism. We hear all […]

From time to time, we lose power and I worry about the food in the refrigerator spoiling. One thing about food going bad: one cannot “un-bad” it. In fact, it becomes a real detriment because it smells and it’s unhealthy. Once rot sets in, it isn’t happy until it destroys everything it can. The following […]

I remember clearly the most painful conference call I’ve ever had to be a part of. I was the engineering manager for a team of developers. We had been asked to converse with a development group in China about integrating our respective products. It meant a discussion with their lead engineer to go over what […]

There’s a fun quote by Sean Connery’s character in “The Untouchables” when he insults the man sent to kill him by calling him dumb enough to bring a knife to a gunfight. It clarifies the point that the would-be assassin had guessed that his victim would be unarmed, but found himself literally outgunned instead. There’s […]

I was just watching a documentary about the championship season of the Portland Trailblazers in 1977. To a man, the players on that team talked about how things really turned around when the players stopped playing for personal stats and started playing for the team. Each man wanted the win more than wanting individual glory. […]

We are so like children in our behavior. Take being lazy and complacent, for example. If I say couch potato, you should have no trouble forming an image in your mind. You might imagine a teenager that can just plop down with a bag of Doritos, a gallon of Pepsi, and a remote or three […]

We have a twisted sense of justice. We cheer when the evildoer is captured and punished. That’s justice. When we watch the reporter explain that the victim wasn’t so nice and the perpetrator had a tough life, we wonder if justice is too harsh. We start asking for a little wiggle room when our own […]

How much trouble is it to invest time into someone who isn’t really that likable? It can be a lot! Sometimes, I see people filling up space with convenient relationships, attending easy functions, and working on high-profile projects to fulfill obligations. If one really wants to make an impact on a life, then the inconvenient, […]

There’s a great movie about a chess prodigy titled “Searching for Bobby Fischer”. Ben Kingsley plays the former grandmaster who is hired to train the boy, Max, to become a champion. However, Max can’t bring himself to become hard and cold-hearted enough to win at the upper levels. There’s one scene that has stuck with […]

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