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Hewlett-Packard was founded in a garage. Microsoft was started by a small group of smart people who put in the time and effort. Apple started with a wirehead and a master of promotion working overtime. These are the larger-than-life stories that float around my industry and make us all think about starting our own company […]

There is so much emphasis in our country to tolerate everything. This movement is pushing us to a critical mass in almost every area of our lives including faith and conscience. Bit by bit, we have reached the point where pornography of the spirit is becoming the mainstay and not the exception. How far are […]

Disappointment can become so much a part of our lives that we tend to believe the worst. I admit to this failure in my attitude and it has taken me many years to learn that a change in direction orchestrated by God is not a slap down. Many times, my hopes or aspirations have been […]


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When you drive to work, you probably don’t wear a life jacket. You figure you don’t need one. When you hit the couch and turn on the TV, you probably don’t wear five-point restraints. You figure you probably don’t need them. When you go to get a cup of coffee at the office, you probably […]

As a rule, I’m no fan of lawyers. I apologize if any are reading this, but the fact is that the profession has a bad reputation. When they make the news, it’s usually because they are fighting against something I believe in. However, one lawyer I respect also happens to write a blog and made […]

Have you ever made the mistake of switching away from a game that you were sure was lost only to read about a miraculous comeback the next morning? I’ve done it enough times that I force myself to suffer through the painful endings just in case. I remember being at a Mariners game several years […]

My father has been a salesman of various stripes throughout his career. In my humble opinion, he happens to be a darn good one. One of the many lessons I learned from him is that a product or service is only worth what someone will pay for it. You don’t get to pick the price […]

When attempting to share Jesus with an old friend of mine, I got the brush off when he said, “I’m glad that works for you, but I don’t need it.” There’s all kinds of interesting philosophy in that statement. He has come to the conclusion that faith in Jesus is a means to an end. […]

While I was in high school, I played sports like a lot of guys. Training was the pits as far as I was concerned. Running stairs, pushing sleds, jumping jacks, and the dreaded push-ups were all things I simply disliked. I always trained to get done, not to get into shape or to hone my […]

I was really challenged by something I heard on a podcast from a teacher I trust. He dared to broach the subject of whether or not you can lose your salvation. He pointed out that there is Scripture that, clearly interpreted, seems to suggest you can while at the same time there is Scripture, clearly […]

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